Windows XP

Microsoft does not support Windows XP anymore, so you should not use XP to connect to the internet. Do not use web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. Do not google anything, do not facebook anymore. If you're using Windows XP, then stay off the web because you are especially vulnerable to hackers and viruses.

Operating System

Everything is on the desktop, a lot of things are in the start menu, a few things are on the task bar, and everything else is in a window. Windows have frames and panes, and windows have menus and widgets.

This is the control panel. Select your region and languages. Make it easier to use your computer. Name and describe your computer. Change your account or create a new account. Plug in hardware like keyboards, mice, and printers. Turn the volume up and down. Connect to the network and the internet. Protect your computer with the security center. Remove progams from your computer.

Name your computer, create your account, change the background to your favorite picture and change the colors to your favorite colors. The operating system is the desktop, the start menu, the task bar, the control panel, and everything else.

Press the start button to open and close the start menu. The start menu is everything on your computer like all your programs, all your folders, and all your files. Get help and support. Search for folders and files, and run programs and websites. Open recent programs and pin your favorite programs. Log off and always turn off the computer by turning off Windows XP.

The desktop is the the background, the colors, the font, and the screen saver.. The power options properties save electricity and the laptop battery. The recycle bin has your deleted files in case you ever need them back.

If you just got a new computer, these are a few things you should do on your new computer. If you don't know much about Windows, these are a few things you should know about Windows.

This completes Windows XP.