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Create a New Account

I'm the only person who uses my computer so I only have one account on my computer, but you can have multiple accounts, for example, if more than one person uses your computer, then each person can have their own account.

Create a New Account

Open the control panel.

Open the user accounts.

Create a new account.

Name the new account, for example, I'm going to create a new test-blast account.

You are the computer administrator, you can do anything on your computer. When you create a new account, pick a limited account type. They can't do everything, for example, they can't install programs, so they can't accidentally install viruses.

This completes creating a new account.

Logon to the New Account

Turn off your computer and turn it back on to logon to your new account.

This is my new test-blast account.

This completes logging on to your new account.

Delete an Account

Delete an account, for example, if you don't like my test-blast account, then delete it.

This completes deleting an account.

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