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Task Tray

The right side of the task bar is the task tray, it's the notification area and the clock. The notification area has the power meter, the volume, internet connections, and safely remove hardware like USB drives.

Task Tray

This is the task tray.

Show the whole task tray.

This completes the task tray.

Power Meter

The plug icon means the computer is plugged in and the battery is fully charged.

The battery icon means the computer is unplugged and it's running off the battery.

How much battery is left and how long will it last?

The plug icon with the lightning bolt means the computer is plugged in and the battery is charging.

Change the power scheme.

This completes the power meter.


This is the volume.

Turn the volume up or down.

Mute the volume to turn off all the sounds.

This completes the volume.

Local Area Connection

Connect to the internet.

These are the network connections.

Microsoft does not support Windows XP anymore so you should not connect to the internet because your computer is especially vulnerable to hackers and viruses.

Safely Remove Hardware

When you plug a USB drive into your computer, you can't just unplug it because it can corrupt your files and cause other problems. You have to safely remove the hardware.

Select the USB drive that you want to unplug.

Wait for it to eject the USB drive.

Unplug the USB drive.


This is the clock.

This is the date.

Open the date and time properties.

Change the date or the time.

Change the time zone and daylight savings.

Automatically set the date and time.

The apply button changes the date and time. The ok button applies changes and closes the date and time properties. The cancel button cancels changes to the date and time.

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