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Task Bar

Auto-hide the task bar, keep the task bar on top of other windows, group similar task bar buttons together, show the clock, and hide inactive icons.

Task Bar

Open the task bar and start menu properties.

Select the task bar properties.

This completes the task bar properties.

Auto-Hide the Task Bar

Always show the task bar on the desktop.

If you need all the space on the desktop that you can possibly get, then auto-hide the task bar.

This completes auto-hiding the task bar.

Keep the Task Bar
on Top of Other Windows

Keep the task bar on top of other windows like Paint.

Keep the task bar on bottom of other windows like Paint.

This completes keeping the task bar on top of other windows.

Group Similar Task Bar Buttons

When you open a lot of programs, like a lot of Notepads, group all the Notepads into a single button on the task bar so they don't take up so much space.

If you always want each Notepad to have its own button on the task bar, no matter how many Notepads there are,

This completes grouping similar task bar buttons.

Show the Clock

Show the clock.

Hide the clock.

This completes showing the clock.

Hide Inactive Icons

Hide most of the notification icons most of the time.

Show all of the notification icons all of the time.

This completes hiding inactive icons.

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