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Log Off

I only have one account on my computer, but you can have multiple accounts, for example, if more than one person uses your computer, then each person can have their own account. Log off of your account so someone else can log on to their account.

Log Off Windows

Open the log off Windows box.

This is log off Windows box.

If you decide not to log off, then close the log off Windows box.

This completes the log off Windows box.

Log Off

Log off of your account.

Wait for Windows to log off and save your settings.

Log On

Log on to your account again.

You're logged on to your account again.

This completes logging on.

Switch User

Open a program, for example, open Notepad. You don't have to write a note or anything, just open it.

Switch users.

When you log off, it closes any programs that were open. When you switch users, it keeps all your programs open, so when you log on again,

Notepad is still open and everything is exactly the way you left it.

This completes switching users.

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