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There are some programs that you use all the time, for example, I use Notepad and Paint all the time. Pin your favorite programs to the start menu and arrange them however you want. Press the start button to open pinned programs instead of clicking through all programs.


Windows XP pins Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to the start menu.

This completes pins.

Open A Program

Open a pinned program like Internet Explorer.

It opens Internet Explorer.

This completes opening a pinned program.

Pin A Program

Pin a program like Notepad to the start menu.

It pins Notepad to the start menu.

Pin Paint to the start menu, too.

Unpin A Program

I'm never going to use Outlook Express so unpin it from the start menu.

It's not pinned to the start menu anymore, but now it's a recent program even though I've never used it.

Remove Outlook Express from recent programs.

This completes unpinning a program.

Rearrange Pins

The pins are in order of Internet Explorer, Notepad, and Paint.

Rearrange the pins by dragging and dropping.

The pins are in order of Internet Explorer, Paint, and Notepad.

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