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Power Schemes

If it's a desktop computer, you don't have to worry about the power, but you might not want to waste electricity. If it's a laptop computer, you want to save the battery as much as possible. If you're doing something like a presentation, then you need to keep the computer on the whole time.

Power Schemes

Open the display properties.

Open the power options properties.

Select the power schemes.

This completes the power schemes.

Power Scheme

I have a laptop computer.

If you don't do anything on your computer for a certain amount of time, like if you go to lunch, the power scheme saves electricity and battery life by turning off hardware and standing by and hibernating.

This completes the power scheme.

Save As

Create a power scheme.

It opens the save scheme box.

It closes the save scheme box and returns to the display properties.

It saved my study-blast power scheme.

Settings for Power Scheme

My laptop is plugged in most of the time, so wait until after the screen saver to do anything (my screen saver waits for an hour).

I don't unplug my laptop very often, and I don't leave it unplugged for very long, so do everything before the screen saver.

This completes the settings.


Delete a power scheme, for example, if you don't like my study-blast power scheme, then delete it.

I like my study-blast power scheme so I didn't delete it.

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