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Change the background to your favorite picture or color, and position and size the background picture on the desktop.


Open the display properties.

Select the desktop.

This completes the desktop.


My Dell laptop has a Dell background.

Change the background picture to bliss.

It frames bliss in the center of the desktop.

The desktop has a lot of background pictures.


Frame the picture in the center of the desktop.

Stretch the picture to cover the whole desktop.

Repeat the picture all over the desktop, kind of like tiles on a kitchen floor.

This completes the position.


Change the background to any picture on the computer.

It opens the file browser.

If you don't know how file browsing works, don't worry, we'll learn about it later.


Change the background color to green.

This is the green background.

There are more colors.

It opens the other colors.

It closes the other colors.

This is the dark blue background.

The desktop has a lot of background colors.

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