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McAfee Product Setup

Virus protection is really important, but you don't have to pay for McAfee just because it's preinstalled on your computer. There are a lot of antivirus programs out there and you don't have to decide which one you want to use right now.

The only way to close the McAfee product setup is to decline the usage agreement.

Product Setup

This is the McAfee product setup.

Do not use the McAfee Security Center.

You have to set up product updates by selecting a country, for example,

Decline the usage agreement.

Finish the product setup.

This completes the McAfee product setup.

Security Center

Close the McAfee Security Center.

This completes the McAfee Security Center.


Every time you turn on your computer, McAfee asks you to update the Security Center.

We'll figure out how to disable the pop-up later, but until then, cancel it every time it pops up.

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