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The first time you turn on your new computer, Windows asks you to name your new computer and to create your new account. You should enable automatic updates, but you don't have to register anything with Microsoft.

Set up your new computer by setting up Windows XP.

Welcome to Microsoft Windows

Welcome to Microsoft Windows.

This completes the welcome.

How Should Dates
and Currencies Appear ?

Select your region, language, and keyboard, for example,

This completes dates and currencies.

What Time Zone Are You In ?

Select your time zone, for example,

This completes your time zone.

End User License Agreement

Accept the license agreement.

This completes the license agreement.

Help Protect Your PC

Automatic updates are really important to get the latest bug fixes and patches that help protect your new computer from hackers and viruses.

This completes automatic updates.

What's Your Computer's Name ?

Name and describe your new computer, for example,

This is for your new computer itself, you'll create a new account for yourself a little bit later in the setup

Checking Your Internet Connectivity

This is the first time I've ever turned on my new computer, so it's not on the internet yet.

This completes internet connectivity.

Ready to Register with Microsoft ?

You do not have to register your new computer with Microsoft.

Microsoft probably wants your email address so they can send you spam. Don't give it to them!

Set Up Your Internet Connection !

You can connect to the internet right now, but I'm going to wait until later.

Skip the high-speed internet, AOL, Earthlink, and NetZero spam.

This completes your internet connection.

Who Will Use This Computer ?

Create your new account.

This completes creating your new account.

Thank You !

Finish setting up Windows XP to finish setting up your new computer.

The screen may go blank for a minute or so, that's ok, wait for your new computer to restart.

Windows XP

This is Windows XP.

Windows XP is kind of spammy.

We'll figure out how to close the McAfee product setup next.

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